ACL Injury and Treatment Options

ACL pre and post-operative care is offered at our Langley and Chilliwack clinics. If you have a torn ACL, our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists chiropractors are here to help you through each stage of the recovery process. Our practitioners aim to ensure that you have the best possible outcomes and will work with you so that you have a speedy recovery and attain all of your treatment goals!


It is proven that having full range of motion and good strength around your knee and hip before surgery will result in better surgical outcomes and may speed up your post surgical recovery time. Our practitioners will ensure that you are in the best state to have surgery. They will develop a treatment program that is specifically designed for your needs. They will perform manual therapy, use acupuncture and needling techniques and movement therapy to mobilize and stimulate your knee. Our practitioners will work with you on an individualized and evidence-based exercise program so that your knee joint remains as strong as possible. They will answer all of your questions and they will explain the pros and cons of surgery for your specific situation. Additionally, if you choose to pursue surgical intervention, our practitioners will provide you with pertinent information on what to expect before, during and after your surgery.


Typically your surgeon will recommend that you resume therapy quickly after your surgery. Your practitioner will work with you and your surgeon to ensure that you have the best outcomes after surgery. Initially, your practitioner will help reduce any discomforting symptoms, improve your range of motion and give you advice on how to encourage the most optimal tissue healing. As you progress through your ACL rehabilitation program your practitioner will work with you on appropriate exercises for each stage of recovery. Once you are ready, they will help you train and prepare you for a safe return to your sport/activity.

No Surgery

No surgery, no problem! Our practitioners will assess your current condition and then help you return back to a functional state. They will treat your acute symptoms, help you regain full mobility and teach you how to build back your strength so that you feel confident in your knee again. If required, our custom-bracing specialists will give you bracing options that may facilitate your recovery.

Other Services That May Benefit You

Whether or not you plan to have surgery it may be advisable to use a brace to support your knee, especially if you plan on returning to a sport or activity that requires you to be agile. Using a brace can give your knee additional stability and support that may be lacking as a result of your ACL ligament insufficiency. There are many different bracing options available including off the shelf bracing as well as custom knee bracing. Our bracing specialist will help determine which option is the best for you while taking into consideration the severity of your injury, your functional status as well as your lifestyle and overall goals.

Registered Massage Therapists

Often, after an ACL injury, your body will learn to move differently in order to compensate for the lack of stability around your injured knee. This means that certain muscles in your leg must work harder then usual in order to support you while you walk and move around. This can leave you with overworked, tight and sore muscles. If required, our sports massage therapists will use manual techniques to alleviate the strain in your overworked muscles and release any muscle tightness that is interfering with your recovery progress. Working with a sports massage therapist can help to reduce your pain, improve your range of motion and will facilitate faster progression through your exercise program so that you have a speedier recovery!

Our services may be partially covered by your BC health insurance plan. Your extended health benefits program may cover Physiotherapy, Chiropractics, Registered Massage Therapy and Bracing services. Contact us today to book your initial consultation and let our experienced practitioners help you along the road to recovery!